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Bunbury and Districts Badminton Association 

Address: 1 Rotary Avenue, Bunbury  


Phone: 0419 042 903  

The Bunbury and Districts Badminton Association has a long and proud heritage as an integral part of the South West community, drawing members from towns across the entire South West Region.


The Bunbury Badminton Centre is run and owned by the Bunbury and Districts Badminton Association Inc. We are a volunteer-run community Association.

By booking the Bunbury & Districts Badminton Association (B&DBA) Badminton Centre you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:


Ø  ‘Member’ – A financial member of the B&DBA

Ø  ‘Hirer’ – person or club making the booking.

Ø  ‘Users’ - participants present during the hire period.

Ø  ‘B&DBA’ - Bunbury and Districts Badminton Association

Ø  ‘The Centre’-Bunbury Badminton Centre

Terms and Conditions:

·       The Badminton Centre is monitored by security cameras. B&DBA reserves the right to decline, amend or cancel any court bookings and/or deny access to the Centre, or suspend or cancel your membership where there are breaches of these Terms.

·       The B&DBA cannot accept responsibility for the safety of any user whilst on Association property.

·       It is the responsibility of each user to ensure before participating or entering the Badminton Centre that they are covered with their own appropriate insurance.

·       Footwear used on the courts shall at all times be suitable sports wear with non-marking soles. Users/hirers found to be wearing unsuitable footwear will be asked to change their footwear or forfeit their booking.

·       Hirer must ensure that the Centre is secured when they leave the building if nobody else is on site.


·       Court fees are expected to be paid by the hirer at the time of booking (including payment) and must be made online.

·       Bookings can only be made by an individual 18 years or older.

·       Discounts are automatically applied to members at their court rates at time of booking. A minimum 12 hour notice is required to cancel a booking. Cancellations by members made outside the 12hr period will receive a credit for use on a future booking. This credit is not transferrable and can only be used on their next booking. Cancellations made within a 12 hour period will not be refunded.

·       A minimum booking time of one hour applies with increments of 30 minutes thereafter.

·       Cancelled bookings by casual hirers will not be refunded if cancelled inside the 12 hour cancellation period.

Access Pin Holders

·       Membership and use of an Access Pin is not transferrable. You must be present in the Badminton Centre at all times when your pin is being used for a court booking.

·       Each B&DBA member has a Badminton WA member No and this forms a part of their access pin code. This code entitles the hirer to discounted booking fees.

Court Use Guidelines

1.1. Hirers & their party may only play on the court that they have booked. Players using unlit courts may have the hirer's booking cancelled without warning and future access suspended or cancelled.

1.2. You are responsible for your own belongings. Valuables such as expensive jewellery and electronic devices, should not be brought to the Badminton Centre.  B&DBA will not be responsible for any lost or missing items.

1.3. No alcohol is to be brought into, nor consumed at the Badminton Centre, and smoking is not permitted inside, or within 5 metres of the Badminton Centre building.

1.4. When your booking is completed, please exit the courts for the next booking.

1.5. You must not lean or pull on nets and must always respect the use of facilities and equipment provided.

1.6. You must remove all rubbish after using the courts and clean up spills and water on the courts immediately. You must not bring any glass onto the court areas.

1.7. You must not use inappropriate behaviour or behaviours that violate the rights of others, particularly when the behaviour is disrespectful, offensive or discriminatory. You must treat all coaches, managers, other players, officials, and spectators with respect regardless of age, race, creed, colour, gender or abilities.

1.8. You must not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike behaviour with any officials, coaches, players or parents such as arguing, booing and taunting, refusing to shake hands (or equivalent), or using profane language or gestures. You must never encourage players to engage in violence or engage in it yourself. You must not use information technology to make or post inappropriate comments against players, clubs, club or match officials, which is discriminatory or offensive.

1.9 B&DBA reserves the right to dispose of, or donate to charity, any belongings left within the Centre that are not claimed within 1 month.



Bunbury Badminton
1 Rotary Avenue, Bunbury  
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